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Consumer Education

We recognize that policyholders and potential policyholders have a right to deal with honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable insurers and intermediaries. Considering that insurers and intermediaries have a greater knowledge of insurance issues than the majority of policyholders, flow of information may be distorted. This is because by the very nature of insurance business, consumers may not be able to detect contracts that could be biased in favour of insurers or which may be interpreted to favour the insurer or simply fail to meet their needs. In addition, marketing methods could place potential policyholders under pressure to make a purchase decision
Through consumer education programmes, we seek sensitize the public on the importance of insurance, the reasons as to why one should have an insurance cover, types of products available on the market. Providing this information will not only improve insurer, intermediary and consumer relationships but also grow the insurance industry by strengthening consumer confidence.

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