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We recognize that a large number of market participants in the insurance market and more specifically the general public find it difficult to understand and evaluate insurance products and services. This is because most of the insurance products and services are legalistic. They take the form of contractually agreed promises by the insurer to provide benefits or compensation (indemnity) to cover specified events or risks in exchange for a premium and certain other obligations by the policyholder.

As a policy holder or potential policy holder, you have a right to get relevant, meaningful and understandable information before making a decision to buy insurance.

To do this, the consumer education department seeks to ensure policyholders and potential policyholders have access to all material information, receive advice in a correct and meaningful manner in assessing their insurance requirements, are informed about their rights and obligations for the duration of the contract, are confident that they will receive correct and timely compensation in the event of a legitimate claim and in case of doubt, be able to receive supplementary advice from IRA.

The Insurance Regulatory Authority has a responsibility to protect policy holders. The Authority takes consumer complaints seriously and has in this regard set up a department to specifically receive and handle complaints.

The consumer Protection department receives and handles complaints lodged against members registered with the Authority. These are ; Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Medical Insurance Providers, Insurance Agents, Insurance Investigators , Motor Assessors, Loss Adjusters, Insurance Surveyors, Claim Settling Agents, Risk Managers. Complaints provide the Authority with feedback about products and services being offered by Insurance Industry players. Receiving a complaint gives us the opportunity to assess the impact on the market of certain products and/or services. The department also receives and responds to enquiries on the registered members and the products and services being offered by the industry players.

Our clients have the right to complain about products and/or services purchased, and to have that complaint professionally dealt with. Consumer Protection department has experienced and well qualified staff who are committed to fair and efficient resolution of complaints received. A complaint is any written expression of dissatisfaction, and whether justified or not, about a service or activity relating to Insurance Services offered, provided or withheld.

The complaints handling process is accessible to all and information is readily available on the details of making and resolving complaints. We will provide all reasonable assistance to complainants in the formulation and lodgment of their complaint. Complaints are dealt with quickly and the complainants are treated courteously. There are no charges or fees to the complainant for having a complaint dealt with under our procedures.


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The IRA Management is committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics. Please report corruption practises by sending an email to