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Draft Guidelines

Through the Finance Act 2015, the Insurance Act was amended by reviewing the minimum capital requirements, introducing the risk capital and reviewing the requirements for registration of insurance agents amongst others. For ease of supervision of the areas reviewed, the Authority has developed the following instruments:-

1.    Draft Insurance Capital Requirements Regulations 2015
2.    Risk Based Capital Adequacy Guideline
3.    Actuarial Valuation Guideline
4.    Guideline on Registration of Insurance agents
5.    An outline on agency agreement
6.    Agents Return by the Insurers
7.    Guideline on investment 

8.    Business Continuity Management

Click on the link below to download the draft Guidelines. You are encouraged to read through and send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FileFile sizeCreated
Download this file (Guideline on Business Continuity Management.pdf)Business Continuity Management268 Kb2016-03-31 08:51
Download this file (Draft Investment Guidelines.pdf)Draft Investment Guidelines 492 Kb2015-11-09 07:21
Download this file (Draft Agent return by Insurer.pdf)Draft Agent return by the Insurer133 Kb2015-11-09 07:20
Download this file (Draft Agency Agreement.pdf)Draft Agency Agreement130 Kb2015-11-09 07:19
Download this file (Draft Guideline on registration of insurance agents.pdf)Draft Guideline on Registration of Insurance Agents428 Kb2015-11-09 07:17
Download this file (Draft Actuarial Valuation Guideline.pdf)Draft Actuarial Valuation Guideline286 Kb2015-11-09 07:16
Download this file (Draft Risk Based Capital Adequacy.pdf)Draft Risk Based Capital Adequacy Guideline792 Kb2015-11-09 07:15
Download this file (Draft Insurance Capital Requirements Regulations.pdf)Draft Insurance Capital Requirements Regulations 2015304 Kb2015-11-09 07:12

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