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Mandate & Objectives


The Authority's mandate is to regulate, supervise and develop the insurance industry in Kenya.


The Authority shall prioritize the following areas for implementation in the period 2013-18.

Goal  Objective
Promote consumer education and protection
Enhance settlement of claims admited to be within 30 days.
 Enhance complaints resolution within 30 days from 63% in 2012 to 90% by 2018.
Improve Insurance awareness levels by 10% from the baseline.
Promote an inclusive competitave and stable insurance industry Improve the insurance penetration from 3.1% in 2012 to 3.5% by 2018.
Enhance access of insurance services in the counties.
Enhance stability of the insurance industry.
Offer quality customer service. Increase customer satisfaction from 79% to 85% by 2018.